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Hello World in AROS

Zsuetam Ikslybyzrp

Blog for beginners AROS developers from beginner AROS developer

I started this blog because I want collect data about software development for AROS for newbies like me in one place. In future i will publish easy to try tutorials about AROS coding.

Personally I am profesional JAVA developer. I started coding on Amiga in AmigaE in 1998. I was using my Amiga till she died in 2005. Then was some experience with perl, a lot with PHP and ActionScript3, and finally Java. Which probably will be my main coding language till retire.

As You noticed I am not programmer beginner. So You will not find here tutorials about code syntax, code statements like IF etc. Here you find only juicy meat about Librararies in AROS world and such.